Research Paper

FILM 208 Research Paper Digital India India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies with the seventh largest landmass and housing the planet’s second largest population of 1.33 billion (2017) citizens. It has taken massive strides in the last few decades since its Independence in 1947 and more recently since the turn of the [...]


Final Website Reflection

Creating and using a website was an extremely interesting and rewarding experience this semester. Firstly, I made very minimal changes to the website over the course of the semester. This is because I was pretty satisfied with the color theme and layout of my website from the start. I preferred to keep it black and [...]

Creative Project

Creative Project Video Link: Artist's Statement/ Explanation: My creative project is a video discussing India’s ambitious Digital India scheme- an effort to rapidly digitize all facets of the economy in the near future. It includes the initiation, work so far, opportunities, and challenges facing the economy in face of this upheaval.  I produced this [...]

Annotated Bibliography

Scholarly Sources Dua , Seema. “Digital India: Opportunities & Challenges.” International Journal of Science Technology and Management , vol. 6, no. 03, 3 Mar. 2017, pp. 61–67., india.pdf. This scholarly article discusses the challenges facing India in their quest to increase and maximize opportunities that will come about as a result of digitizing the [...]

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